Current Meat Inventory   Recently updated !

We strive to provide amazing old world meats from happy heritage animals that have received the best diet and the best care that we can provide. Except for the quail, pheasant and pigeons, all of these animals are pasture-raised. This list shows what is available from the farm right now. […]

Visit Our Lambs At The Simon Perkins Mansion This Summer 2023

LAMBS AT MUTTON HILL – I’m excited to announce that this year’s Jacob lambs will be visiting the Simon Perkins mansion in Akron, where they will be participating in summer programming, such as incredible sheep herding demonstrations by the talented @modiboandrudy and other fun events by the Summit County Historical […]

Heritage Farm in Copley, Ohio Looks to Fifth Generation

Jennifer Jacobs speaks about her fourth generation family farm and the fifth generation that is soon to come in this article by Melanie Mohler that was intended for The Devils Strip newspaper. Just past a fork in the road of Jacoby and Wright Roads in Copley, Ohio stands a welcoming […]

OMNI FIREWOOD: Firewood, Live Edge Wood, and Unique Hardwood Lumber

OMNI Firewood at Jacobs Heritage Farm: Enjoy the warmth of local hardwood firewood that is processed by hand here on the farm. Firewood is self-serve at the farmstand, or we can help you with other options including larger quantities or delivery. We also have a selection of beautiful live edge […]

For The Birds – A Farmstand Expansion!

Now the farmstand will have the birds in addition to the bees! The new rustic shed out the farmstand is loaded with all kinds of things for wild birds. We’re excited to offer a great selection of Oliger’s birdseed. Oliger’s is an awesome old local company in Akron, OH that […]

Infused Honey

We have a variety of different flavors of unique infused honeys if you’re looking for different flavors to sweeten your life! From spicy sweet pepper honey, to warm and cozy cinnamon honey, or immune-boosting turmeric honey, and savory garlic honey… we have something for everyone. Our infused honeys are always […]

Ranger Meat Chickens

Now Taking Orders for Meat Chickens!

Chickens are currently in stock! They are free-range, pasture-raised, all natural, happy, beautiful chickens.  Whole chickens are currently sold out, but we also have packs of breast meat, dark meat (legs and thighs), wings, livers and heart, soup bones for broth, and chicken feet with necks. Visit our Current Meat […]

More Places to Find Raw Local Honey!

Now you can find our raw local honey at more locations! Target stores at Strongsville or Fairlawn, The Sassy Sunflower in Copley, The Exchange Market in Medina, Local Roots in Wooster (pepper and garlic-infused honeys only). Honey is also still available at the farmstand on the farm, when it’s not […]

Our Century Farm is Front Page News in the Akron Beacon Journal

The year 2019 marks the 100th year that Jacobs Heritage Farm has been owned by one family, since my great-grandparents moved here in 1919. This farm is now registered on the list of Ohio Century Farms and was featured on the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal on May […]

Bringing Back Tradition: The Christmas Goose

We have a few frozen geese currently available! Contact us for more information. You can reserve a fresh goose now for the holidays! They will cost $10 per pound and geese are normally 5 to 10 lbs so let me know if you would like a smaller or larger goose. Reserve […]

Find our Farm Products at the Historic Simon Perkins Mansion in Akron

We are excited to be working with the Summit County Historical Society this year. Preserving local history is so important. You will be able to find some of our farm products at the gift shop at the Simon Perkins Mansion and they have so many cool events planned for this […]

Copley Township Spotlights Jacobs Heritage Farm

Many thanks to Copley Township for spotlighting our farm on their website and social media. I am continually impressed by Copley’s Department of Community & Economic Development. They truly do care about community and making a positive impact.