Firewood, Live Edge Wood, and Unique Hardwood Lumber

Enjoy the warmth of local hardwood firewood that is processed by hand here on the farm. Firewood is self-serve at the farmstand, or we can help you with other options including larger quantities or delivery. We also have a selection of beautiful live edge wood slabs and hardwood lumber including cherry, maple, and black walnut from logs that were carefully selected and then sawmilled here on site.


(Note: Availability may vary throughout the year. Thanks!)

Smoker Wood:

Live Edge Slabs & Hardwood Lumber:

Note: All dimensions are approximate. This lumber is freshly cut and will need to time to air dry and season.

Ironwood Live Edge Lumber Boards: (Eastern Hophornbeam.) Three boards total. Each is approx 9ft long and 10-12in wide. One board is 1.5in thick ($75) and two boards are 2in thick ($90 each). Heavy boards with beautiful grain.

Red Oak Live Edge Lumber Boards: Two boards total (the one in the middle is sold). Each is approx 57in long and 16-18in wide. They are 1.25in thick ($50 each).

Silver Maple Live Edge Hardwood Beam or Fireplace Mantle: Often thicker beams like these are installed and then allowed to age and dry in place, since it takes several years for something this large to season. Approx 84.5in long and 14in wide and 6.5in thick ($150).

Maple Live Edge Lumber Boards: Three boards total. Each is approx 84.75in long and 13-14in wide. Two boards are 1.25in thick and one board is 2in thick (the board on the far right in pic). The board on the left has a layer that can be removed if desired to create openings that could look amazing with epoxy fill. ($75 each)

Huge Red Oak Slabs: Three lengths: Largest are about 11ft long ($450 each), medium are 9.5ft ($400), and the shortest are 7ft ($350). These prices are for the widest boards which are 28 to 32 inches. There are more narrow boards in each length group that are priced lower. All of these slabs are 2.5 inches thick and heavy!