Farm Store

These Items Are Currently Available (Updated 9/20/2021):

You can Contact Us directly about any of our products.  
Our farmstand is OPEN for the season!

Fresh Raw Local Honey:

 The farmstand is currently stocked with regular raw local honey and infused honey. Thanks!

Or visit these locations:
Target stores at Strongsville or Fairlawn
The Sassy Sunflower in Copley
The Exchange Market in Medina
Local Roots in Wooster (infused honeys, garlic, and cherry smoker wood)

Old World Meats:

We currently have chicken, turkey, pork, and more!

Hardwood Lumber and Live Edge Slabs:

We also have a selection of beautiful live edge wood slabs and hardwood lumber including cherry, maple, and black walnut from logs that were carefully selected and then sawmilled here on site.

Seasoned Firewood:

$20 per stack of hardwood – in stock
$5 per bundle of hardwood – in stock
$5 per bundle of kindling – in stock
$15 per 1/3 cu.ft. bag of seasoned cherry bark-free chunks of smoker wood

Contact us for wholesale pricing, or if you’d like a larger quantity, or if you need help loading the wood, or if you are interested in delivery.

Livestock Available: 

*No livestock currently available*

For The Birds:

The new rustic shed out the farmstand is loaded with all kinds of things for wild birds. We’re excited to offer a great selection of Oliger’s birdseed and suet, and handmade birding accessories like nesting wool from the sheep here on the farm.

Fresh Eggs:

Contact me to check availability or if you’d like me to set some eggs aside for you.
Fresh local chicken eggs
($4 / dozen at the farmstand!)
Duck eggs ($6 / dozen at the farmstand!) These eggs from the R&D Micro Farm are available in limited quantities.
Quail eggs ($4 / dozen at the farmstand!) Fertile hatching eggs are also available upon request ($4 per dozen). BULK ORDERS: If you would prefer a larger order of quail eggs, you can also order a quart container containing four dozen (48) quail eggs. A quart is $12. These will be unwashed and straight from the birds. This is a great way to stock up if you are making appetizers. Some customers buy them this way if they are feeding them as a part of a dog’s raw natural diet or even as ferret treats!

More at the Farmstand:

Organic German Extra Hardy Garlic
Seasonal produce: candy onions, apples, tomatoes, various squash, gourds, and even some early pumpkins, and more!
Handmade goatsmilk & honey soap, and old-fashioned lye & lard soap
Honey lip balm
Imported Hungarian paprika and paprika paste
All natural dried herbs from my herb garden
Farm fresh jelly and jam
And more!

Support Local History:

Visit the beautiful historic Simon Perkins Mansion in Akron and find products from our farm in the gift shop!

Support the Bee Preserve:

Adopt a Honeybee!


FARMSTAND IS OPEN! Visit our self-serve farmstand in front of the barn for honey, eggs, soap, preserves, and more. Check back often as new items change seasonally.

Or visit our Etsy store to order handmade farm products and antiques: