Visit Our Lambs At The Simon Perkins Mansion This Summer 2023

LAMBS AT MUTTON HILL – I’m excited to announce that this year’s Jacob lambs will be visiting the Simon Perkins mansion in Akron, where they will be participating in summer programming, such as incredible sheep herding demonstrations by the talented @modiboandrudy and other fun events by the Summit County Historical Society. Be sure to check out their event calendar and stop by the mansion this summer to visit my lambs and learn more about local history!

Did you know that Simon Perkins raised sheep and that the Simon Perkins house use to be a farmhouse? According to @summit_history, “Mutton Hill” is the name that residents of 19th century Akron gave to this 150-acre farm. John Brown was employed by Perkins to tend the flock of 1,300 Merino sheep that was known as one of the finest flocks in Ohio.