Bringing Back Tradition: The Christmas Goose

We have a few frozen geese currently available! Contact us for more information.

You can reserve a fresh goose now for the holidays! They will cost $10 per pound and geese are normally 5 to 10 lbs so let me know if you would like a smaller or larger goose. Reserve your whole goose today with a $20 down payment via PayPal (, Venmo (@jacobsheritagefarm), check by mail, or drop just $20 in the farmstand with a note! The balance will be due at pick up.

“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…”

Most people think of Victorian England when they hear about a Christmas goose (probably thanks to Charles Dickens), but cultures throughout the world have been enjoying goose meat for centuries. We decided to raise a Christmas goose for our family a few years ago since we have never tried it before. After my very first bite I could see why this bird is a worldwide culinary favorite. Goose tastes “richer.” All of the meat on a goose is dark meat, so the taste is pretty close to that of the turkey’s dark meat but more succulent. It is delicious — if you haven’t tried it, you should.

And make sure you save that leftover fat because vegetables cooked in it are to die for! I throw a few pounds of potatoes into the roasting plan so they can cook in the goose fat and those potatoes are to die for. Seriously. I’m getting so hungry right now thinking about it – yum! Not only is it delicious, but goose fat is also good for you in comparison to other animal fats. It is high in ‘heart healthy’ monounsaturated fats which can lower blood cholesterol level. In many instances you can use it in place of butter or cooking oil and really come up with some fabulous, healthy meals!

From that first bite of our first Christmas goose, there was no question that we wanted to start raising meat geese on our farm. We raise heritage breeds of geese to ensure that we are providing traditional, old-time flavor. The Toulouse is a beautiful old heritage breed from France. Embden geese are large white geese that have been popular in Europe for centuries, and were first imported to the United States in the 1820s. The African goose actually originated in China (no one knows how it got its name) and has been enjoyed in Europe since the 17th century. All of our geese are hatched locally and they grow up happy, healthy, and pasture-raised on our farm. These geese graze in pesticide free pastures in the fresh air and sunshine. No hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by products are used in raising them.

For more information, here’s a great overview by NPR on the history of goose meat in the USA: How to Cook Your Goose

Download our Goose Cooking Tips HERE!

“I had a delicious dinner tonight – I cooked the 8 pound goose and followed your instructions about putting the potatoes in the roasting pan – it was really good! I also stuffed the goose as you suggested and it was delicious! I had 11 family members come over to share and everyone liked it!!!!! Thanks!!!'”
– Kathy V.

“I have been meaning to write to tell you the Christmas goose was excellent. Earlier in December, we purchased a goose from a different supplier; the goose from Jacobs Heritage Farm was far superior.”
– Ron C.

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