What is a Heritage Farm?

We refer to our farm as a heritage farm because of the history of the farm and because we prefer to raise heritage livestock. Jacobs Heritage Farm was built in 1859 and has been in the Jacobs family for four generations. We are always mindful of the history of the generations […]

Great-Grandparents Farming Peppers

Milk Bottles Dug Up On Farm

Digging for Milk Bottles

You can’t dig a hole anywhere on the farm without uncovering something exciting! While digging a fence post hole we found an archaeological jackpot behind the house: a treasure trove of 1920s glass bottles, many of them intact. Most of the bottles are from the Akron Pure Milk company and […]

Jacob Lambs

Jacob sheep tend to mate only once a year (in the fall) so every year we have spring lambs to look forward to. Because Jacob sheep are a heritage breed and more natural, they give birth easily and rarely need human assistance, unlike modern production breeds. We tend to keep […]

Jacob Lamb Playing in Pasture

Porch Swing in Cottage Garden


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” – J.Keats


“Over a long time, the coming and passing of several generations, the old farm had settled into its patterns and cycles of work – its annual plowing moving from field to field; its animals arriving by birth or purchase, feeding and growing, thriving and departing. Its patterns and cycles were […]

Pasture for Jacob Sheep

Jacobs Barn, est. 1859

Our Barn

The Jacobs Barn, est. 1859 The character and charm of an antique barn: beech wood and pine and rusty nails, hand hewn beams and the warmth from animals nestled in straw…

Italian Honey Bees

Italian honey bees are very calm and gentle, and they are excellent honey producers. They make nice white honey combs and produce good amounts of delicious pure honey, especially during the honey flow (in late Spring and early Summer when the most flowers and fruit tress are in bloom). Honey bees are […]

Aries and Libby by the Barn

Jacob Sheep

The Jacob sheep is a rare breed of small, piebald (colored with white spots), multi-horned sheep. Jacobs may have from two to six horns, but most commonly have four. The most common color is black and white. Generally referred to as an heirloom breed, the Jacob is descended from an […]

Fourth Generation

Jacobs Heritage Farm is a fourth generation farm located in Copley, Ohio. The home and barn were built in 1859 and the farm has been owned by the same family since 1919.

Grandma Working the Fields with Horses


The house and barn on the farm were built in 1859, and the Jacobs Farm has been in the Jacobs family since 1919. The Jacobs family immigrated from Hungary and they were pepper farmers, growing produce in Ohio just like they had in the Old Country. The first Jacobs generation was […]