Lamb Meat Prices

Our fresh local market lambs are pasture-raised, healthy, happy, heritage lambs. Throughout the year we have available for purchase whole lamb, half lamb, or selected cuts. All prices listed are for the actual weight of cut and wrapped frozen lamb. If you wish to purchase a whole lamb we can accommodate special cutting instructions. Click here to choose your cuts!

Our lamb meat normally comes from 8 – 14 month old lambs. Our “lamb on-the-hoof” is the purchase of a live lamb. This is a great option for people who prefer to process their own meat.
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Lamb Meat Prices:

Whole lamb, processed


Half lamb, processed


 Lamb on the hoof  $250/each
Rack of lamb


Lamb chops (Shoulder, neck or loin chops)


Leg of lamb


Lamb breast




Shoulder roast


Ground lamb


Liver, heart, kidney


Lamb bones


Cuts of Lamb Meat

Cuts of Lamb Meat