Farm Store

Currently Available (Updated 9/21/18):

You can Contact Us directly about any of our products.  
Our farmstand is open!

Fresh Raw Local Honey – At the farmstand! Or visit the Target stores at Strongsville or Fairlawn

Pumpkins!! We have field pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns and Cinderella pumpkins that are great for cooking and baking! ($5 each) – At the farmstand!

Fresh quail eggs from our farm ($4 / dozen) – At the farmstand!

Fresh local chicken eggs from Red Bird Run ($4 / dozen) – At the farmstand!

Fresh local duck eggs from the R&D Micro Farm ($3 / six eggs) – At the farmstand!

Mangalitsa PigletsContact us!

Raw Goatsmilk from the R&D Micro Farm – (Not for human consumption – craft use only) – Contact us to arrange pick up!

Jellies & Preserves ($5 / 8oz jar or $8 / pint) – At the farmstand!

Goatsmilk fudge, handmade soap, gift baskets, antiques, dried herbs, and more! – At the farmstand!

Bunny Hay – Small Bags of Hay for Small Critters – Small brown (lunch bag size) bags for $1 each or larger (grocery size) brown bags for $5. Contact us!

Adopt a Honeybee!

Allis Chalmers All-Crop 60 Harvester Combine for Sale! ($1700.00) – Contact us!

We are selling our camper! 2011 North Country 31 BKS ($14,000) – Contact us!

Visit the beautiful historic Simon Perkins Mansion in Akron and find products from our farm in the gift shop!



FARMSTAND IS OPEN FOR THE SEASON! Visit our farmstand in front of our barn for fresh local honey, chicken eggs, duck eggs, handmade soap, natural remedies, antiques, plants, herbs, jellies, preserves, fudge and more! Check back often as new items change seasonally. We have a lot of ideas!


Or visit our Etsy store to order handmade farm products and antiques: