Pork Cooking and Cuts

Mangalitsa Pork Pricing

Contact us for current availability. A Hungarian heritage breed with the best bacon in the world and it’s low in cholesterol… That is amazing! When we started learning more about Mangalitsa pigs we knew that this heritage breed would be a perfect match for our fourth generation Hungarian farm. Mangalitsa meat […]

Bringing Back Tradition: The Christmas Goose

Contact us for more information about ordering a Christmas goose to bring back tradition for your family. We are currently selling post-holiday frozen geese! “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…” Most people think of Victorian England when they hear about a Christmas goose (probably thanks to Charles Dickens), but cultures […]

Lamb Meat Prices

Contact us for current availability. Our fresh local market lambs are pasture-raised, healthy, happy, heritage lambs. Throughout the year we have available for purchase whole lamb, half lamb, or selected cuts. All prices listed are for the actual weight of cut and wrapped frozen lamb. If you wish to purchase a […]

Cuts of Lamb Meat